Axel De Mauduit Du Plessix

Axel was born in an aristocratic family in Lille in 1968 (4 years before the creation of the campsite!!!).

His childhood and schooling

He has 3 brothers : Wenceslas (the oldest) , and two younger brothers Amaury and Foucauld.

All spent their holidays at La Forêt with their parents and their grandmother Germaine de Larocque Latour (sister of the owner and the creator of the campsite : Jean de Larocque Latour).

The creation of the campsite put  an end to those holidays at « La Forêt » …

Later on, Axel spent  some time at the Château, before settling down there permanently  after the death of his uncle Alain de Larocque Latour.

Axel went to school in the North of France, where his father manageg the agency of a parisian bank. He went to  university  in Paris, and  spent one year in Brighton ( GB) for an ERASMUS exchange. After a Master’s degree in biology, Axel studied economics, and achieved a Master’s degree in Agri business from  ESSEC. Axel started his professional life as sales manager for a laboratory, then he joined the banking sector for 10 years. During an ultimate MBA training in the prestigious  HEC (french business school),  his uncle died, and Axel then inherited « La Forêt » in 2003. Axel took back the management of the campsite only in 2005, after the departure of the former manager.

A campsite in inheritance

On weekends, Axel has spent a lot of time with his Uncle Alain de Larocque Latour at « La Forêt ». In 1991 his uncle had confided Axel his will to pass  « La Forêt »on him. A complicity between both men ensued, Alain did invite Axel on hunting, society parties in La Vendée where Axel came regularly.

He got married in 2004 and has two daughters: Albane born in 2006 and Hortense born in 2010.

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