The history of Château La Forêt, also known as Domaine de la Forêt

In the 19 century Count Edmond de Laroche Saint André, and his wife Berthe Grellier du Fougeroux built the current Château La Forêt  on the ruins of a Château built  in the period of renaissance. They left their property to one of their daughters  married to Etienne de Lauzon. From their union  was born Marie de Lauzon  who didn’t have children but adopted Jean de Larocque Latour, to leave to him  La Forêt after her death. In 1972 a big storm destroyed a large part of La Forêt. And Baron Jean de Larocque Latour  decided to create a campsite like one of his uncle’s had before. He  opened a restaurant in the Château. After 6 years of running the campsite himself, he decided to leave the management to an outside person. For 26 years the campsite had been run without any big investment. In 2005 Axel, who had at that time been the owner for 2 years only, decided to take back the  management of the Campsite. To give a new dynamic to La Forêt and satisfy his customers, Axel decided to make a lot of investments to improve the campsite. Every year Axel endeaves to make new investmessements to make the campsite better and better.


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